Brakes India has one of the best field engineering capabilities in the areas of OEM, parts and service. With over 35 engineers in the field, they have been instrumental in providing valuable inputs, addressing concerns and promoting sales. The growth in the automotive industry and the subsequent rapid change in adoption of a wide range of products and new technologies, necessitated a structured training process to equip our field engineers with the latest technology and product knowledge. Considering this need and the projected growth of products and customer expectations, an exclusive service training school called Brakes India Service Training School was conceived in the year 2004.

The service training school is equipped with a classroom for theory sessions and working models of chassis and products in assembled and dismantled conditions, along with special tools for practical sessions.

Customized training programs are offered to

  • OEM customers
  • Distributor field staff
  • Brakes India OEM engineers
  • Brakes India parts engineers
  • Brakes India field service engineers
  • Brakes India marketing personnel

To Book a Training Session

*Subject to availability and number of participants (minimum 5 participants and maximum 10 participants)