About QIK Brake Service

Customers today are looking for a quick turnaround time on their vehicles when it comes to simple jobs such as tyre change, balancing, replacement of brake pads or linings, brake fluid, coolant etc. The need for quick brake service was born out of this need that was identified as a customer convenience that was much sought after. With the increasing number of multi-brand and neutral garages the need for quality and adequate post-sales support became imperative. With TVS Girling parts, fluid and TVS Apache friction guarantee, it was only natural that these brands synonymous with quality, durability and performance, provided quick and quality brake service to its customers

Today, we have 62 TVS-Girling Qik Brake Service franchises and 80 outlets across 17 states and 49 cities from where customers can avail the benefits of our Qik Brake Service (QBS). Our range of products cover most of the popular models in India and it is our endeavor to provide the widest range for our customers. The technicians in these outlets are trained to use specialized tools and follow best practices.

QIK Brake Service

Scope of Service

Quick brake check

The brake system gradually wears out during usage and so it is important to check them regularly.

Replace friction pad & lined shoe

It is necessary to periodically check the thickness of the brake pads. Replace worn out pads when they are less than 3 mm in thickness.

Replace disc brake carrier and/or sliding pin kit

Rattle noises associated with uneven road surface might be caused by worn out sliding pins or no grease. Replace sliding pin kit every 40,000 kms to get rid of rattle noise.

Replace rotors

If the brake rotor (disc) is damaged (cracked, deeply scratched), or reached the minimum thickness level, it must be replaced immediately for safer and smoother drive.

Brake fluid check & top-up

Brake fluid is hygroscopic and thus absorbs moisture (water) over a period, resulting in ineffective braking. As brake fluid ages, it's bound to be contaminated with debris buildup. Top-up or replenish every 20,000 kms/2 years or as per manufacturer's recommended schedule.

Radiator coolant top-up/replenishment

Corrosion can damage the radiator and other parts of the cooling system, causing engine to overheat. To prevent this, top-up or replenish every 20,000 kms / 2 years or as per manufacturer's recommended schedule.