Brakes India was established in 1962 and has grown to be the largest manufacturer of brake systems in India. As part of the $7 bn TVS Group, Brakes India is headquartered in Chennai with 15 manufacturing plants across the country, catering to local and multinational OEM customers across the light vehicle, commercial vehicle, tractors and the off-highway segments. With a well-equipped R&D centre capable of designing, developing, testing and validating products, the core strength of Brakes India lies in its adaptation of products for specific markets in India and abroad depending on the needs of the market, conditions and customers.

Apart from being a strong player in the OEM space, Brakes India is the market leader in the aftermarket with a large range of products spread across three categories – parts, friction and fluids, sold under the trusted brands of TVS Girling and TVS Apache. The parts range includes hydraulic calipers, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic drum brakes, s-cam parts, tractor brake parts, electromagnetic retarders and rubber hoses while the friction range of products include brake disc, brake pad, brake shoe, friction disc and line shoes. The fluids include DOT 3, 4 and 4 plus brake fluids, radiator coolants and brake cleaner.

The strength of Brakes India’s aftermarket lies in its reach, availability and quality. With a robust distribution network of 7 distributors with 290+ branches dealing with 25000+ retailers and 10,000+ mechanics covering the length and breadth of the country, Brakes India’s products are available in every nook and corner of India. Apart from the strong presence in the independent aftermarket, Brakes India is also associated with many renowned fleet operators who have a strong preference for TVS Girling and TVS Apache brands. This extensive coverage is backed by Brakes India’s 60+ member team of parts engineers and marketing sales representatives who ensure timely support is provided to promote and deliver our products to the market.

In addition to sale and distribution of spare parts, Brakes India also has a strong service team providing technical training service to OEMs, fleets and distributors. Extending the service initiative, Brakes India has embarked on establishing Quick Brake Service centres (QBS) throughout India by partnering tyre dealers and wheel alignment centres including a strategic tie up with Michelin Tyres to provide quality parts and service for their customers. Our parts and field engineers are well trained through a customised training program conducted at the exclusive Brakes India Service Training School.

A strong brand, large range, motivated, qualified and efficient field force with a focussed approach to parts, friction and fluid, a wide and expanding reach, has held Brakes India aftermarket in good standing.